Monday, December 26, 2016

Curwin family

Joyce, Rick, Louis and Elliot Curwin

Avraham Ber Tatelman

Yenta (Mirvis) and Simcha Hack

Tatelman siblings

Nov. 9, 1947
Rochester, NY
At wedding of  Gussie Tatelman and Bernie Kristall

There is some question about the order:

Harry Tatelman, Morris Tatelman, Benny Tatelman
Ida Tatelman Kevin, Jennie Tatelman Feldman, Bella Tatelman Amdursky, Esther Tatelman Garber, Hannah Tatelman Lewis, Frieda Tatelman Itchkawich

Mickie and Al Garber

Rita Zides Rogoff and Joseph Rogoff

Joseph Rogoff

Ann Garber and Louis Curwin

Mariasha Mirvis Tatleman

There is some question as to whether or not this is Mariasha.

Yehuda Leib Tatelman and Mariasha Mirvis Tatelman

Joe Garber and Morris Feldman

Sunday, December 25, 2016

1930s pictures

Here is an album with 184 pictures taken by my grandparents, Louis and Ann in the 1930s. There are pictures of them and their son Elliot, and some of the others have begun to be identified.

I will label them there instead of here.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ann Curwin and family

Ann Garber Curwin and her son Elliot

Ann and Elliot

Ann and her daughter Joyce

Ann and her husband Louis Curwin

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ann and Mollie Garber

Tatleman siblings and spouses

Standing (Left to Right): Joe Garber, Benny Tatelman, Morris Feldman, Joe Kevin
Sitting (Left to Right): Esther Garber, Rose Tatelman, Freida Itchkawich, Ida Kevin, Jenny Tatelman

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Who are these people? #1

These pictures were in cousin Sarah Tatelman Perlman's possession. I can't identify the people in them - can you help? [As they are identified, I will update the post]

Picture 1: Anna Tatelman Lewis and Sam Lewis

Picture 2: (I have a picture of my grandmother and her sister from the same studio in Boston around 1915.  I don't know if this was taken at the same time or for the same people).

Picture 3: (taken in Boston)- Mollie Garber Hurwitz

Picture 4:

 Picture 5: (in Boston) - Esther Tatelman Garber

 Picture 6:

Picture 7:

 Picture  8: (it says "Martin" - perhaps the name of the photographer - and Westerly, RI)

Picture 9 (taken in Tennessee, but I assume he was stationed there)

Picture 10:

 Picture 11: (in Boston) - Marcia (Joanna) Itchkawitz Greenstein